In perhaps one of the greatest messaging coups of all time, the Black Lives Movement Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) – an international effort funded by some of the most powerful and wealthy leftists admittedly steeped in the Marxist playbook – took the true statement that black lives matter and used it to create chaos and destroy the livelihoods of the very people it was professing to help.

In BLM: Aftermath – Chapter 1, we explored the consequences of the protests and riots following the murder of George Floyd from the perspective of those living in Floyd’s Minneapolis neighborhood. In BLM: Chapter 2 – Cleveland, we look at what the 2020 demonstrations did to a city already familiar with economic devastation resulting from racial tension. In the wake of the protests, Cleveland voters implemented a policy of public safety oversight by a community-led board (over the objections of the city’s African American mayor and police chief), a situation that has led to an anemic police force and rising crime in the city. Watch to learn more. (Original song “Shadows” by FCB Records recording artist Aaron Malik)

"Shadows" by Aaron Malik Lyric Video

Original song “Shadows” by FCB Records recording artist Aaron Malik

Black Lives Matter, Inc: Minneapolis Shakedown

In a new video series, sponsored by Capital Research Center and filmed and produced by No Filters Media, we look at Minneapolis one year after the protests following the death of George Floyd. Did BLMGNF help the people in the very neighborhood where Floyd died? Watch and decide for yourselves.